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Spinning Dumbbells

ION ID01 Spinning Dumbbells Give you back the FABULOUS BODY SHAPE. Whole body vibration to get more intensive dumbbell workout. Anywhere and anytime! Complete muscle tone-up. Muscle toning in 3 minutes everyday! Complete each exercise for 3 minutes, and then repeat for a total of two or three circuits. Circuit 1:Training effects Brachioradialis Holding by both hands and rotating forwards. Circuit 2:Training effects Deltoid Holding by both hands, making the dumbbell stand up-right and turning clockwise or counter clockwise. Circuit 3:Training effects Triceps Holding by both hands and rotating backwards. Circuit 4:Training effects Biceps Taking turn holding by each hand, rotating forwards. Tone up and build a beautiful muscle line of your body. Anatomy of muscular system 1. Pectoralis 2. Deltoid 3. Biceps brachii 4. Rectus abdominis 5. External oblique 6. Brachioradialis 7. Trapezius 8. Triceps brachii 9. Gluteus maximus The training effects Spinning dumbbells= the traditional dumbbells x4 Centrifugal force exclusive patent pending Bi-directional operating Correct method follow the rhythm of your body movement; you can easily spin the dumbbells on both clockwise and counter clockwise way by the theorem of Centrifugal force. WELL DESIGNED:Light and durable design allows you to workout anywhere. COMFORTABLE:Anti-sweat handle grip SAFE:Anti-collision PU strips Specifications Dimensions:18X18X34.7CM Weight: BLUE 1.3 KGS GREEN 1.2 KGS PINK 1.1 KGS MADE IN TAIWAN Free bonus Spinning Dumbbell Training DVD
ION ID01 Spinning Dumbbells
ION ID01 Spinning Dumbbells
ION ID01 Spinning Dumbbells
ION ID01 Spinning Dumbbells

*Specifications are subject to modification without prior notice due to continuous product development.

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