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IS120 Spin Bike Image1
Spin Bike

The red hot coated painting is the most impressive design. The X-type frame design concept comes from the research data from players in La Vuelta a España, and our precision molding process enables IS12 to maximize the frame’s strength and stability while cycling. It’s the most famous Bike Trainer for triathlon players and GYMS in Europe.

According to the front fork design of racing bikes and mountain bikes, the geometry of ION IS230 Bike Trainer perfectly fit you for the need of training. All the users could easily find the best riding position on H919 Bike Trainer. You will prevent injuries, ride more comfortably and improve your performance.
Multi-purpose handlebar
the angle and shape of handlebar are designed according to the different riding postures of triathlon players.
Integrated Shift &Brake knob
Users can regulate the knob to the left or right for fine tune the resistance levels. Pressing the knob would be easy brake for emergency.
Large LCD monitor
Displaying time, distance, calories and speed. It helps you track your workout progress efficiently.
Three-piece crank set combining with heavy duty
SKF bearings and Three-piece crank set allow the cycling movement smoothly. That would also prevent injuries from joins and muscles of your legs.
Dual SPD-trekking pedals
Allow users to fasten feet easily and protect users from injury. Also, the tying band feels soft and comfortable.
Smart-Fit System
The anatomically designed gel coated seat and handlebar are micro-adjustable both horizontally and vertically. Users could adjust the right riding position based on the measurements such as body high, inseam and trunk, etc..
Dimensions 104×64×119(cm)
Weight 46 kg
Flywheel weight 18 kg

*Specifications are subject to modification without prior notice due to continuous product development.

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