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Upright Bike

IB605 UltraPro Series Ultra-durability Gym Collection 5.7"Backlit LCD Racing handlebar+ elbow rest It allows for 100% realistic replication of the cycling training. With the elbow rest device, you could easily change more riding postures. Quick seat adjustment Vertical and horizontal seat adjustment with easy knobs design ensures a perfect fit to any user. Self-powered generator system With self-powered generator system, Ultra Pro Series can easily start the screen display only if RPM is higher than 25. It minimizes your electricity costs efficiently. Electromagnetic resistance control Maximum reliability and precision and no need for electric maintain. 3-pieces reinforced cranks Combined with heavy duty bearings, the 3-pieces reinforced crank can prevent injuries or caused by the metal fatigue. Easy entry design Thanks to the opened frame design, IB605 provides users an easy entry and exit space. Enlarged adjustable pedal The enlarged pedals with adjustable foot straps allow users to fasten their feet and adopt the right cycling position. Contact pulse measurement The system allows users to monitor the heart rate while exercising and also provides targets for advance training. Comfortable large saddle Comfortable to use, thanks to the extra large anatomical saddle. 12 preset progras with 24 intensities Dimension:130 x 60 x 151 cm / 51" x 24"x 59" Flywheel:9 kg/ 19.8 Ibs Drive Technology:Self-powered generator system Transmission:Electromagnetic brake system Resistance levels: 24 levels Monitor:5.7"Backlit LCD Data Readout:Time / Speed / Distance / Calories / Watt / Pulse / RPM Programs: 12 Preset / 1 Manual / 4 HRC (Tag/90%/75%/55%) / 5 User / 1 Random / 1 Recovery / 1 Watts / 1 Fitness Test / 1 Personal Weight:45.5 kg / 100.3 lbs
Dimensions 130 x 60 x 151 cm / 51" x 24"x 59"
Flywheel Weight 9 kg/ 19.8 Ibs
Drive Technology Self-powered generator system
Transmission Electromagnetic brake system
Resistance levels 24 levels
Monitor 5.7" Backlit LCD
Data Readout Time / Speed / Distance / Calories / Watt / Pulse / RPM
Programs 12 Preset / 1 Manual / 4 HRC (Tag/90%/75%/55%) / 5 User / 1 Random / 1 Recovery / 1 Watts / 1 Fitness Test / 1 Persona
Weight 45.5 kg / 100.3 lbs

*Specifications are subject to modification without prior notice due to continuous product development.

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